No one values you, because You do not value yourself . Unless you become the first priority of your own life , you can never be someone else’s.

We see hundreds of post everyday ranting about self love . We put a like and we move on . We don’t understand what they are talking about , until , at 2am someday , your period crappy mood swings over to the other side and you do something miserable only to hate yourself after. Your need of needing someone all the time to listen to your rants starts to look a lot selfish. You realise you get mad if things doesn’t go according to you is because You only think of yourself. you don’t think twice before putting other’s priorities to rest because you think the world revolves around you . You are almost unknowingly okay with hurting someone for no reason at all because you didn’t even consider their feelings . You realise how pathetic and self centred you are for being this way and using your own people, who are there for you, for your best or worst .

But only when you realise something’s going very wrong , you will start to realise what actually went wrong . It’s not your fault the way you are . It’s not your fault that you overthink all day long over a silly sentence. It’s not your fault you pre-assume things to be certain ways . It’s not your fault that you want attention ,rather need sometimes. It’s not your fault that you wanna be loved . It’s not your fault that you wanna be someone’s top priority . It’s not !

It’s called being human . It’s natural . It’s suppose to be that way . Or not? Am I going somewhere wrong again? Do I have to re-direct my destination? Am I writing this the way I am leading my life ? Duh! I will anyways .

So once you realise that it’s not your fault that you aren’t somebody’s priority , you also realise the importance of your own . Where have you set yourself in that priority list of yours , if you have one which I am sure you do. How up is your mental health considered in your own life . How well did you organise your priority list to be able to be happy about it ? How much you value the things that makes you happy rather than the things that makes you feel like shit . Do you really think , you can set them on a ladder based on your priority and climb the step you want at the moment , keeping all others aside completely unattended ? Do you think , it’s possible to be that way to be uni-directional? While giving importance to one thing, you can simply ignore/forget the other important aspects of your life ? Let me tell you that it’s possible . It’s called being practical . And it has become a need to keep you sane in this practical world . Life was definitely not the same for any of us a decade ago . We were young and we had different priorities in life . Over the time ,we have evolved . Some people leant it the hard way and living according to it , and to be honest I see them more content than the rest of us . We are people who still couldn’t make peace with any of it or have no idea is to how to organise a life and maintain it that way. We don’t think we think from our minds , coz we have a stupid heart to follow ,everywhere we go .

So , do not be like me . You always have a choice . Set your priorities and follow them no matter how . You will have a better sleep at night I promise . Put your brain to work first and deal with the rest later because you have better things to do in life . Try it and thank me later .

OR, still if you can’t , just know that it’s okay to overthink , it’s okay to be miserable sometimes , it’s okay to make mistakes and own it , it’s okay to cry over and over again . But it’s not okay to let yourself down again and again . It’s not okay to belittle yourself in-front of just anyone (even yourself). It’s not okay . It’s just not . It’s just not worth it . You are way more important than you think you are . You deserve so much more . You deserve all the love , attention and care. You deserve it all , from your own self . Try to prioritise yourself a little more today over any damn thing in the world . It may feel like ‘hurting’ a little at the beginning but I promise it gets better . I promise you will feel better again , you will find yourself beautiful again . I promise one day, it will hurt less, things will matter less, and you will feel empowered again . And in the process , if you start loving yourself, do remember me . Remember all of us for we are not alone !

Stay strong . Every thing will fall into places when they are suppose to .


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