PMS- Pre Mental Setup

Dear My fellow ladies, 

Did you ever feel like crying for no reason at all?
Did you ever feel like everything is going against you?

Did you ever feel like your loving husband/boyfriend doesn’t care for you at all?

Did you ever feel like the only person who could understand you at this moment is your Mom? 

Did you ever feel like missing some imaginary people who doesn’t even exist? 

Did you ever feel like cleaning the dishes will actually clear off your mind? 

Did you ever feel like you have been ignored off your choices all this time? 

Did you ever feel like Ice-cream and coke can actually fill you up while you sob? 

Did you ever feel like happy feet is the best movie ever?

Did you ever feel like you have done nothing in life else than just aging? 

Did you ever feel like wearing too many layers even if its 25°C outside? 

Did you ever feel like to get pampered like no one else on this planet?

Did you ever feel like someone sitting and listening to your meaningless sobbing and complaints patiently all day? 

Did you ever feel like there are countless volcanoes of emotions bursting out at once? 

Did you ever feel like there is no better place on this earth than your couch? 

Did you ever………..and it goes on and on.. 

Oh girl, congratulations! We are on the same page. We are PMSing. PMS commonly abbreviated for ‘Pre Menstrual Syndrome’ which is actually an alarm system from your body to your mind to get-set-ready. Hence I call it Pre Mental Setup by the body to prepare your mind for something even worse to happen. You will work as per your mind,right? Once the ‘big day’ arrives, you won’t be worried or terrified much. You are already prepared and been revising the syllabus of your life already. 

Countless mood swings and  eruption of emotions all at once is what makes a woman stronger. It makes you feel your importance. It makes you feel that you are one very need of this earth. May be you want to get into arms and cry and get a little pampered. But who doesn’t want that anyways? 

We, women,  just don’t get enough time to express what we need in all the busy routines most of us has. Hence this is the time, to set you free. Feel like crying your heart out? Cry. Feeling like not doing anything at all? Just lie down. Earth won’t turn opposite if you rest a day or 2. Just feel what you want to feel. Feel loved, feel cared, feel special.

Remember you came alone, you have to leave alone but the time in between,  you are to love and to be loved. You are strong. You are powerful. You are the strength to your family, to your country. YOU MATTER.

From now onwards remember to remember  your worth while your mind prepare your body for the excretion of unwanted junk. No more complaints of being an woman. This and only this will give you the most price-less moment of your life some day.

 Hence Happy PMSing girls 🙂

Much love