Just thinking…


Just thinking how the world will turn out, after all the blues is over. Will it be green Or will it be red?

Just thinking how will the nature accept us, after all the blood our hands shed?

Just thinking how will we come across with the faces of ours, with the occupied minds being misread?

Just thinking how the waves will be in time , will they be silent or will they be overheard?

Just thinking how will the flowers bloom in this Era of gloomy mindsets?

Just thinking how will WE turn out to be, will we be HUMANS or yet another junkie following trends?

Just thinking how the world will turn out after all the blues is over.. Will it be green or will it be RED?

Just thinking……



4th April 2020. I woke up this morning a bit late to usual as it is one of my work-from-home quarantine days that is happening 3 times a week during the nation-wide lockdown in India. Seeing the COVID-19 growth rate and all the negatively spread videos could spoil anyone’s mood for a beautiful day ahead. So I decided not to go through my social media-s ,first thing in the morning and instead look at some beautiful bird images clicked by me (which are finally processed and lying in my phone for quite some time now). So I picked up this very bright and multi-colored bird called Chestnut crowned laughing thrush, that I had taken various shots of in Neora valley National park. Talking of Neora valley, what reminds me of is the calmness in my mind that it gave me. That was a trek which will forever be in my memory as a treasure just for the silence it offers, the silence that Nature offers. So, looking at the image , I started thinking of a good caption to justify it (proving myself as an avid Instagram-er 😉 ). I kept thinking looking at the colors this bird possess simultaneously at the beautiful trees outside my window with the videos,I saw yesterday on the spread of corona virus in India, being mingling in the frontal lobe in one side of my cerebrum, I could come up with this ‘some-what-like-poetry’. Ths is not one of those days that I want to do a lot, but this is one of those days when I want to contribute a lot by doing nothing. You should do the same now too. Stay Home Stay Safe.

Untill next time

Much love

Riya ❤

SHE ~ poetry

who is she?


She is the cloud covering the mountains,
She is the unreachable tip of the hill
She is the elevation.

She is the sparkles of the fire,
She is the dew on the leaves you can only admire
She is the feel.

She is the silhouette of the setting sun,
She is the closeness of moonlight companion
She is the silence.

She is the cherry on your ice-cream, that looks perfect un-eaten
She is the soap bubbles you cant catch,
She is the dream.

She is the twinkle of the stars,
She is the cold breeze you feel from far,
She is the bloom.

She is the unforgettable bite,
She is the warmth of blanket in cold night,
She is comfort.

She is the unread chapter of your story,
She is the hidden glory,
She is the mystery.


She is the bird that never returned home,
She is the long awaited wish,
She is the prayer.

She is the wing you want to fly with,
She is the vision you see beauty,
She is the first touch.

She is the salt in your food,
She is the drug on your wound,
She is the need.

She is the hug you live for,
She is the kiss you long for.
She is love.

She is the mist in the foggy night,
She is the arms you want to hold tight,
She is togetherness.

She is your cake, your tea
She is the basic,
She is luxury.

She is the sound of the waves,
She is the chirp you crave,
She is happiness.

She is the sweetest voice,
She is the kindest heart,
She is the longing.

She is the mermaid of your fantasy,
She is the star in your dreams,
She is Her.

Somewhere in the clouds
in the foggy mountains
in the salty oceans
you will find her.

Still the conclusion awaits.
Who is she?


Prominently Similar- Poetry


The perception of viewing a thing particular
Seems so prominently similar
To the one that was owned earlier,
but now older.


The continuous denial of the truth
in vision of having the same eye
that mind ignores and the heart sees through


The sustainable trial of accepting the offer
that has been served
with love and no risk of nearby adieu

The concept of expecting equal warmth in the arms
of the person you had and now you persue
catering the same to the individual
you pray to provide your love to.

The provision of infinite supply
of the promise made
without a known fortune
to take the side by.

The understatement of the inner self
to postpone the happiness for the time being
and stay up for the pretention
towards the one and only human being.

The perception of viewing a thing particular
Seems so prominently similar
To the one who was the beholder,
but now a moulder.



Much love


It Hurts! ~ Poetry

I saw it coming
But still it hurts

I knew you would disappear someday
But still it hurts

I knew the time we were in was not gonna pause
But still it hurts

I knew there was nothing called forever
But still it hurts

I knew all the hugs, kisses and nightlong chats were temporary
But still it hurts

I knew you would be someone else’s possession
But still it hurts

I knew even my thoughts would be vanished from your mind
But still it hurts

I knew we will be soon strangers again
But still it hurts

I knew it all
I saw it coming


Too many heartbreaking poetries recently. No worries. I am setting myself free this time and letting my wings open to fly high. Stay up for my upcoming posts. Be connected.

Much love


Yes I am A woman! ~Poetry on woman’s day

Yes I am A woman!

Yes I am A woman
But also a human, just like you
Not something you can easily accrue.

Pink has been signified as my hue
But if needed I might turn into blue.

Be it Mother Teresa, Kalpana Chawla or Mary Kom
I have been famous to make a debut
To start a trend new.

But the dream I always wanted to Pursue
Is long time overdue
Definition of respect needs to get renewed.

I am not a TOY that you will screw
Or even buy with your so-called-revenue.

Even my purest form of blood for the society is a TABOO
And the way you deal with me is okay with you???

Length of my skirt and my striped belly is what you want to sue
The day will come, my long hairs and big eyes will be a matter of risk too.

You say, you respect me
I believe that’s untrue
I will ponder upon you
The day you will actually do!

Look beyond my modesty and
Peek into my dignity
If you still find me unfamiliar
Look around any and every corner!

Be it your mother, sister, friend, teacher or Who…
Believe me! I am a woman
But also a human just like you!


8th March is celebrated as International Women’s day. Let’s not celebrate the day but celebrate the womanhood.

Much love


The Void ~ Poetry


I wish I could fill the void inside me
I wish I could erase the emptiness

I wish I could just take a leap
And jump to the year I had been dreaming asleep

I wish I could explain how difficult it is
To live in my current biz

I wish not to assume everything is okay
And pretend not to be happy for a single day

I wish to not re-think
I wish my life would just shrink

I wish not to wait for a bunce
To pause the beating at once

Much love,


Left behind ~ Poetry (Haiku) 

There was a time

I loved a girl

I knew she loved me back 

The way I did

Or even more than that.

For the obvious reasons

I couldn’t be hers &

She couldn’t be mine

Like all the other stories

I was left behind. 

   – Tale by a lonely lover.

My first attempt on haiku(not exactly Japanese version but short poetry or free verse).

Much love


To be married_ emotions of a GIRL (Bengali write up)

Sorry to my non-bengali  friends. I really tried but couldn’t give these feelings beautiful English words and shape. My mother tongue is Bengali though I have never read/write the language in school or college. But the thoughts/views/emotions come really easy this way.

People who doesn’t understand this language refer to my amateur write up page- 


Now let’s get into the mood. Calm..

                     ” Hoito ”  (may be)

“Aj shokal thekei money bhetor ta kemon aan Chan korche.Chokh duto pordar bhanj gulo te Jeno kichu khuje berachhe.

Kichu ki harate cholechi naki kichu orjon korte cholechi, konotai bhebe uthte parchina.

Moner bhetorer ghor ta te Jeno onek rongin phool phuteche.Phooler sugandhe jemon Chari pas ta sugondhito hoye geche temni Phooler daaler kanta gulo gendhe bosche booker bhetor. Se Ekta mishti  jontrona jetake kichutei dure thele rakhte parchina.

Sudhu bhebe cholechi sei muhurto tir Katha.

Aar toh ko Ekta din matro, tar por. Ki Hobe tar por. Aami ki ar aami thakbo? Naki harie jabo kothao tar prantore..

Shei Ekta khon, jar opekkha ke jane koto bochor dhore kore cholechi. Shei chotto bela theke koto golpo sunechi Raja rani ar pori der. Ebar amar pori sajar somoi. Kintu porider songsar ta kemon hoi koi seta toh kono golpe bole deini.

Koto proshno, tar koto uttor,nijei nijeke kore cholechi. Kokhon je surjo ta uthe dubeo gelo bujhtei parlam na.

Sudhu bhabchi tar bhalobasar Katha, tar preet-er katha, ar mone pore jachhe babar oi clanto mukh ta jokhon se amake bidei korbe. Amar mone phoolsojjar sopno ar tar mone bicched er byatha. Kikore parbe amar hath ta karur hath e tule dite. Chokher jol ta kichutei Chokher kon theke porte debe na ar mukh theke phute porbe bhalobasar Kota sobdo. Ar maa-er book ta tokhon gorbhe phoole uthbe amar kopaler lal rong ta dekhe.

Ar aami Sudhu cheye thakbo tar mukh tar dike. Tar chokher bhetor e sei bhalobasa ta khuje berabo. Se ki bujhbe amar ontorer obostha ta.

Hoito bujhbe hoito na. Ki jani….

Porer din doftarkhanae gie attendance register er opor nijer naam ta likhte gie ki pen ta atke jab? Mon ta thomke jabe kichukhon er jonno? Ki likhbo ami sekhane!  Amar naam ki?

Sobai amake notun chokhe dekhbe. Ekjon notun porichita aami tokhon. Sottyi ki taai? Aami ki notun hoye jabo? Aami ki ar aami thakbona? ”

This belongs to my diary entry dated 10.08.2015. A few days before my marriage registry. Hence I poured all my emotions/mixed feelings /dilemma of a girl who is about to get married,who is as happy to start a new life with her beloved partner and as sad to feel apart from her parents. I think every girl can relate to this at some point of time as she gets a new identity after her wedding whether she wants or not.

 Much love


I wish I had wings ~ Poetry

I wish I had wings
I wouldn’t have to hold on my feelings
I could fly away
Far far away
Away from all the facility
Away from the word called ‘society’

I wish I had wings
I wouldn’t have to answer every phone rings
I could reach the peak of a mountain
I could scream and burst the lava of anger in my fountain

I wish I had wings
I wouldn’t have to follow the proceedings
I could vanish from the world I live in
To make my own space in the submarine

I wish I had wings
So to not let anyone know my doings
I would be on my own
Fighting through the trees and clouds
At least would be better than the fake smiles and humanly moulds

I wish I had wings
I wouldn’t have to live inside buildings
I wouldn’t be anyone’s burden
I could make a living in a simple den

I wish I had wings
I could follow my emotional feelings
And listen to my heart
I could keep trying to reach the top
Doesn’t matter how many times I flop

I wish I had wings
I wouldn’t have any bindings
I could sit on any humps or horns
I wouldn’t had to face any real game of thrones

I wish I had wings
I wouldn’t have to fake my choice of lovings.
I could choose not to wear leathers
And proudly show off my colorful feathers

I wish I had wings
No One had to listen to the songs my heart sings
I could decide what for me is best
And could make my very own cozy nest

I wish I had wings
I would have no permanent bondings
I could feel free, fly free
And my attitude towards life could be care-free


I am not a flying beauty
I Have no wings
Anyone bothers or not
I have to burden my personal belongings

I wish I had wings
I wouldn’t have to hold on my feelings…


Thrust of love ~ Poetry

Thrust of love”

When your fingers roll around my bare back
And your lips silently touches my naked neck.

As My trembling hand moves towards your shoulders
I grabbed all the sheets in the folder

Your feet on my toes
I forgot about all my taken vows

You looked into my eyes
Filled with shameful lies

I couldn’t make a sound as my lips were sealed.

You touched me again, and every chapter of mine was pealed

As you pushed me behind the doors
My heart was screaming, make me yours

Closing my eyes
My senses came back to time,
The dream I just had was never mine.

Was I proud for what I felt?
Or my life will be again full of guilt!

Guilt of the mistakes I never did,
To rationalize the world my heart build.

The drawing in the image is made by me 🙂

Much love