Migratory Bird Area, North Goa

Hello folks. I am already a week late to wish you all an amazing new year 2019. May all your wishes come true this year and hope you start doing whatever you have planned and failed to start doing till now. Because you know what, its very important to start, to make the first move, because if there is no 1st move, there will never be a second and you can never achieve what you want. Hence, make the FIRST move. Speaking of first, I am here sharing my first post of the year and it had to be a birding one.. So here it is- my another very beautiful experience of birding adventures in North Goa.

The next sunday after my Pilerne lake bird watching activity , I was looking for some place nearby to bird. My husband suggested borda lake, as he had heard about the lake from some one but did not have much knowledge about birds being there. I started googling the same and what I end up with this amazing place in Donwaddo in Salvador-do mundo. What we understood is that Borda lake must be somewhere closeby to this area or one of the waterbody in here are named as borda. May be next time when we explore more over that lake, we will know the difference (if there is any).

This migratory bird watching place is very easy to reach. What all you need is a smart phone with GPS on 😀 Just ask google to take you to “ Migratory birds Area in North Goa”. The first search option will take you to Donwaddo. It is a huge marsh/ wetland seperated with a well maintained pitch road. AS soon as my eyes struck the board, I wanted to jump off of the activa, but I waited till it stopped as it was been ridden by my husband who accompanied me to have a beautiful december sunday morning in nature.
The day started off with beautiful sighting of brahminy kites .We had to stop there and then. The whole landscape was worth skipping a breath. There were more than few adult kite taking the most stunning perch on one broken branches each within a circumference.

Brahminy kite

After spending few moments taking snaps and satisfying eyes, we moved on to my first lifer Siberian stonechat -female.As it was road side, I quickly set up my tripod to have more stable pictures of my lifer.

Siberian stonechat

I was not quite happy with its perch on wire and that’s when a little big bird came and sat a meter away from the little one. I turned my cam to find out its a long tailed shrike. Another lifer 😀

Long tailed shrike

I followed the shrike for sometime till it gave me most beautiful natural pose. As a bonus, he was hungry and had a breakfast bite infront of me. After getting close up and eye level shots of the shrike we moved ahead a bit.


Long tailed shrike

There was this very little blue kingfisher flying here and there not letting me capture him even for a second. While I was tracking the little cutie, a spotted dove flew and sat in one of the bushes closeby. It was that close that my zoom couldn’t even capture its whole body. As I was struggling with zooming in-zoom out , it obviously flew away. (PS: I need more practice :P) But a quite ok shot of a lifer is good to go.

Spotted dove

My next shot was that of a Stork billed kingfisher. A big sized kingfisher with red lipstick beak with  really loud voice. I cropped off the body part to keep the cemented perch out of my frame. So here is a close up of Mr. Stork billed kingfisher.


Stork billed kingfisher

As we moved ahead, we saw a number of egrets, black winged stilts on one side and a few cormorants on another. As we went a little further, there is an offroad on the right side which we took and decided to take the vehicle along. And there I got some of the very beautiful shots.
Common or little kingfisher (finally on a clean perch)


Little blue kingfisher

Indian cormorant (preening)


Indian cormorant ( drying up wings)

Oriental darter (shining as a star)

Oriental darter stretching its long neck further

We rode till we couldn’t ride anymore. I loved that particular village road. It has what we call “PEACE”. I had my moment with serenity (as always) and we turned back to reach the starting point again. I still had hopes to see a few more birds on the go and get some really good frames.
Purple heron (perfectly camouflaged with the dry grasses)

Egret escape as I call it

Grey Heron (habitat shot)

Common sandpiper

I saw a bunch of black headed Ibis having a gala. So I waited for a few moments to capture some good flight shots. Here are my favorite ones.




I would end up the blog here today with almost where I had started. A long tailed shrike close up.


And a frame shot of sandpiper. Good night you amazing people. Be blessed and have a
prosperous year ahead.


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Much love,




Tuesday talks ~ my veg platters :P

I am a born foody and I can eat anything and everything at any time 😀  Though I prefer non-veg at any day as I was born in a bengali family and everyone knows bengalis can’t live without fish. I also grew up having fish and chicken atleast twice or thrice a week till I really grew up as an adult. Then I went to another city to study college without any knowledge of cooking at all. Like at all. I only knew how to make tea and maggi until I reached 21. My roommate used to cook chicken and I used to slurp it all till the last bite 😀 Then suddenly reality hit me. College was finished and we get to settle our lives on our own. By the time I joined my job, I was okay with this cooking thing. Yeah, I can cook and feed myself and my the-then boyfriend (now husband) only. I had no proper method of cooking and never knew how anyone else would react on it. It was back in 2012-2013. Coming back to present with those memories, I am now a married working woman who often loves to cook. I have tried my hands on punjabi, south-Indian, chinese, italian dishes in weekends, but my desire ends where my heart is. Bengali food. I recently discovered that the bengali everyday recipes are the most easiest and full filling dishes, atleast for me. And talking about bengali lunch/dinner, we cant really stop to 1 or 2 side dishes. We have a lot of them. And when there are some special guests at home, the number of fries and dishes can’t just end. So this thing of making more than one side dish has grown in me from a last few months. I guess I am getting much closer to my culture staying much-much away from it. After all its about “maa-ke-hath-ka-khana” (mother’s hand cooked food) that I try to inculcate (to taste) every time I cook on weekends. On week days we usually sum up with some roti-bhaji, rajma chawal, sambhar chawal, pulao , fried rice or max upto egg curry as I am also a human whose day starts at morning 6am and who gets really tired after a long day at office. So these are my recent platters (mostly bengali) that I often cook on weekends when we are eating veg.


  1. Anti-clockwise from bottom-  Rice , musoor dal, karela bhaja (bittergourd fry) [my husband’s favorite], Potato- beans masala dry, Jhinge-alu posto (khas-khas with potato and ridge gourd) with some cucumber and onion salad. Bengalis and posto are made for each other. A bengali thali is always incomplete without it.


2. Anti-clockwise-  Fresh Chapatis with onion-besan dry fry (new and easy recipe for me which turned out amazing), brinjal fry, alu-jeera (boiled potato toasted in jeera and vegetable oil) with some most important onion chunks for dinner.


3. For a change, little different from usual bangali khabar. Paneer curry and alu-matar ki sabji with rice and some curd for a summer dinner.


4. This is not something temping and only bengalis can relate to. I used to have this kind of meal when I had my board exams. Mom used to give me some boiled rice with ghee and mashed poatato with fried fish .I loved it. Its so healthy with no spices at all. This platter has everything boiled in it. Starting from bottom anti-clockwise- bata posto (blended kas-khas), alu bhate (mashed boiled potato with fried onion,tomato and chilli), bandakopir bhate (a bangladeshi cabbage dish), mashed boiled eggs with salt and onion, daal without tarka/chounk with some rice and essentials onion and green chilli.


5. A perfect meal for a rainy day. Daal-khichdi with omlet, achar’s (mango & chilli) and salad. Well some round shaped potato fries are missing here without which a khichdi platter just can’t be completed and I so love having them with khichdi.


6. Anticlockwise from bottom-  Rice, half omlet (egg pouch), mix veg fry (potato, capsicum and carrot used here), alu-dantar chochori ( bengali style cooked potato and drumstick in mustard seed) with again some musoor daal. We often have toor dal but when it comes to cooking varities , I prefer musoor as it goes really well with most veggies.

Well this above image is a miserable try of food photography by me. That very day when I was cooking, I had a talk with my brother over phone and he suggested me for some food photography that can be done inside in this weather. And I took my camera and shot this 😀


7. Rice,some daal with alu-posto (khas-khas with potato), bhindi bhaja (ladyfinger fry) , and begun baja (brinjal fry) . This particuular day was not a planned sunday. And we ended up doing a lot of house cleaning. After done with the house monica-clean / diwali- clean which took around the whole of morning, Mr. husband asked me to order food from outside which in return I quickly made this thali in around 40 mins on my 2 induction cook-tops. Yes we still don’t own a gas cylinder yet. 😀

Well, that is all for today’s food blogging. When it comes to cooking  I can do a lot in less time which I never have any idea before. Its fun to eat a lot for a person like me who never gets fat 😀

Until next time,

Much love