Getting uncomfortable

We visit new places when we get time and money to take a break, but that’s just holidays , not life .

Since the last few days , the term ‘comfort zone’ is in my mind constantly. What do you think of it when you think of getting out of your comfort zone ? Where exactly is our comfort zone ?

Almost 90% of us have a monotonous life that we often get bored of , sometimes want to get rid off. We want to change the way our days look , we want to upgrade the quality of our lives, we want betterment along with fun, we want wealth along with health , we want to enjoy life , like everyday , but our monotonous boring life doesn’t help with it . Does it? No it doesn’t , and that’s life . Life’s not supposed to be fun everyday . Life’s suppose to be practical. Life’s suppose to bring in the needs , and you are the one who is responsible to make things a little better for you . And to do it , you have to get out of your comfort zone . The monotonous daily routine we were talking about is our comfort zone . The things that we do almost everyday and have been doing them for years is our comfort zone . The job you do might be boring but you know that this is something you can always do , the life you are living right now isn’t so bad after all once you understand that this is comfortable . And once you want a breakthrough of it all , it means you are thinking of breaking the monotony . You want a change . We all think of it at some point in our lives . Don’t we ? We all want to change our lives , do something better , something more enjoyable , more exciting , may be more money , May be have a better purpose. We all want to live the lives that we see from afar.

Just a random cityscape to break the monotony of my writing .

I know it takes a lot of guts to get out of your comfort zone, to do something entirely new , to live a life you have never lived, only imagined. But only once you achieve a certain point you will realise ‘that grass is always greener on the other side’ . If you don’t , then congratulations my friend, to be able to have found ‘bliss’ and you are blessed for the rest of your life and that you have made it all by yourself (if you have). But , all of us can’t do that , really ! Because we still want the almost comfortable life that we have created, the stable income that we have , the place that we have grown to like and everything else . For me , to get out of everything that I have now and start completely afresh knowing the difficulties that are waiting for me is a long way to go . Until I start believing the most in me , until I have the faith that the grass will be greener on MY side , I still have searching to do. I am not yet ready to get out of my comfort zone , are you?

The reason I say this because I have seen my life evolving over the ages . The different stages I have passed were all my own struggles. People might say ‘aah she always had a better life’ because they are people . But I know my struggles , I have to live with it . I am the one who is walking in my shoes , not you. I still sometimes find it difficult to get out of bed and go on with the day. I have seen myself counting the days just to keep passing one day at a time and not knowing for exactly what I have been waiting . I mostly don’t have any energy to do anything at all . This is not who I was , but this is where I am today . I don’t know what went wrong , and if ever anything is wrong at all. But all I know is that I will have the answer someday , someday soon . I will find out my reason, my purpose . And that day I will break out my comfort zone and become uncomfortable for a while , to live a life , like a life..

Have a good one everyone ✌🏻

keep sharing love and laughter

~Riya ❤

5 responses to “Getting uncomfortable”

  1. Your Ig brought me here. I recollect that I have read your blogs earlier too and they were impressive and purposeful.

    I can connect with your thoughts on getting uncomfortable and others grass being more green.

    Life is an evolution and we keep evolving. What is bliss today can just be a mundane passing event or action tomorrow.
    However, finding a purpose as you said is most imp. That purpose has to remain constant and all other minor blisses or blips revolve around the purpose. Once we find a purpose then we gravitate towards it.

    You have written it beautifully and appreciate it. Enjoyed reading it.

    Have a good time and find your purpose .
    Take care and best wishes

    What I say above is through experience and have experienced it.


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    • I have no words to express my gratitude towards your comment . Thank you so much sir for taking your time out to go through my blog and ig .. it means a lot to me .. 😊🙏🏼


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