Lets talk Tuesday ~ World tattoo day

“I have numerous pictures, but I like the ones I can flaunt my tattoo in.”


Today is 17th july 2018 and is being celebrated as ‘World tattoo day’ to promote tattoo art and artists all over the world. A tattoo is a form of body modification where a design is made on your skin with ink,dyes and pigments either temporary or permanent. This art is known as tattooing and is very popular in today’s western culture. A permanent tattoo is a small or big mark on your skin that you are going to live with. Hence people choose the tattoo according to their personality, choice, way of living that can show/depict their character.

Me flaunting my bird tattoo, June 2018 at home

I got this tattoo in January 2017 as a part of my new year resolution 2017 as I always wanted to have one. That time, I didn’t know I am going to be a birder/ bird photographer in the recent future. All I knew was, I want something on me that I will never regret of. The one that shows my free spirit. The one that is a sign of independence. And a flying bird is all of them. I was always a bird lover and always envied (cutely ;)) them for having wings. Their power of getting far and away from everything is something my character matches with. My mom used to be always worried as she knew I can’t stick to one thing for very long. Well, she is MOM and we don’t really have to tell her anything. None-the-less to say, she knows me the best and yes, she was right. My heart is a flying bird and cannot be CAGED. My tattoo symbolizes me perfectly. And also particularly I wanted a single bird on my wrist unlike the series of 5 or 7 flying birds in a row that was/is in trend. I am a single soul,so is my bird.

“We get members to share life with, but well, life is a journey of single soul.”

I got this picture clicked at a strawberry farm in Mahabaleshwar, May 2018

My post on Mahabaleshwar ~ https://riyasownspace.com/2018/06/08/mighty-mahabaleshwar-and-birding/


The history of tattoo making takes you back to the 1500BC. Tattoo markings have been found in mummies preserved since ancient times. Not getting into that part,well its quite complicated to me as well. But I would like to gain some knowledge on that as well if anyone wants to say something.

Indian History

Tattoing was very common in south India way before 1980. And permanent tattoos are called ‘pachakuthu’ there while in north India ,it is known as ‘Godna‘ , that is what I had heard my grandmother’s say about it. Mostly the people who belonged to lower caste used to have godnas on many parts of their body, specially women. They sometimes have religious values ,sometimes a proof of being married with husband’s name inked and most of the times as a must-follow-tradition. They used to be permanent and ink used to be green in color or the ones I saw were green.

Got this clicked at Dehradoon Zoo with my MIL’s sweater on. I love it when unintentionally my birdie show up. I am basically like my tattoo. 🙂 October 2017

I have heard, who once had a tattoo, he/she must have another one. And I guess its 100% correct. I just wanted one for my life but as I love it so much more now, I want another one that shows power, a symbol of continuous strength and optimism. I will talk about it definitely, once I have it. Well,its a just a future plan for now. But for sure I will be marking my body once again in coming future.

My husband clicked this portrait at cabo-de-rama fort in January’2018

My post on cabo-de-rama fort ~ https://riyasownspace.com/2018/02/07/cabo-de-rama-south-goa/

In recent times, it is a popular trend to have a tattoo to be cool and stylish, but what I think is you should always do things that satisfies you and not other’s eyes. If it gives you happiness, go get a tattoo, but if it doesn’t , do what gives. Having a tattoo doesn’t make you cool but responsible towards it. Don’t change your personality too much that what you loved once, starts to crib you. Be the way you have always been and then if you want that thing on you permanently, go get one!

One of my personal favorites Two of my loves in one frame. It was in march 2017 ,the day when I first got my hands on my very first DSLR. Canon 1300D with silver body

Happy tattoo day to those who got inked ever in life. Enjoy 🙂

Untill next time,

Much love





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