Left behind ~ Poetry (Haiku) 

There was a time

I loved a girl

I knew she loved me back 

The way I did

Or even more than that.

For the obvious reasons

I couldn’t be hers &

She couldn’t be mine

Like all the other stories

I was left behind. 

   – Tale by a lonely lover.

My first attempt on haiku(not exactly Japanese version but short poetry or free verse).

Much love


To be married_ emotions of a GIRL (Bengali write up)

Sorry to my non-bengali  friends. I really tried but couldn’t give these feelings beautiful English words and shape. My mother tongue is Bengali though I have never read/write the language in school or college. But the thoughts/views/emotions come really easy this way.

People who doesn’t understand this language refer to my amateur write up page- 


Now let’s get into the mood. Calm..

                     ” Hoito ”  (may be)

“Aj shokal thekei money bhetor ta kemon aan Chan korche.Chokh duto pordar bhanj gulo te Jeno kichu khuje berachhe.

Kichu ki harate cholechi naki kichu orjon korte cholechi, konotai bhebe uthte parchina.

Moner bhetorer ghor ta te Jeno onek rongin phool phuteche.Phooler sugandhe jemon Chari pas ta sugondhito hoye geche temni Phooler daaler kanta gulo gendhe bosche booker bhetor. Se Ekta mishti  jontrona jetake kichutei dure thele rakhte parchina.

Sudhu bhebe cholechi sei muhurto tir Katha.

Aar toh ko Ekta din matro, tar por. Ki Hobe tar por. Aami ki ar aami thakbo? Naki harie jabo kothao tar prantore..

Shei Ekta khon, jar opekkha ke jane koto bochor dhore kore cholechi. Shei chotto bela theke koto golpo sunechi Raja rani ar pori der. Ebar amar pori sajar somoi. Kintu porider songsar ta kemon hoi koi seta toh kono golpe bole deini.

Koto proshno, tar koto uttor,nijei nijeke kore cholechi. Kokhon je surjo ta uthe dubeo gelo bujhtei parlam na.

Sudhu bhabchi tar bhalobasar Katha, tar preet-er katha, ar mone pore jachhe babar oi clanto mukh ta jokhon se amake bidei korbe. Amar mone phoolsojjar sopno ar tar mone bicched er byatha. Kikore parbe amar hath ta karur hath e tule dite. Chokher jol ta kichutei Chokher kon theke porte debe na ar mukh theke phute porbe bhalobasar Kota sobdo. Ar maa-er book ta tokhon gorbhe phoole uthbe amar kopaler lal rong ta dekhe.

Ar aami Sudhu cheye thakbo tar mukh tar dike. Tar chokher bhetor e sei bhalobasa ta khuje berabo. Se ki bujhbe amar ontorer obostha ta.

Hoito bujhbe hoito na. Ki jani….

Porer din doftarkhanae gie attendance register er opor nijer naam ta likhte gie ki pen ta atke jab? Mon ta thomke jabe kichukhon er jonno? Ki likhbo ami sekhane!  Amar naam ki?

Sobai amake notun chokhe dekhbe. Ekjon notun porichita aami tokhon. Sottyi ki taai? Aami ki notun hoye jabo? Aami ki ar aami thakbona? ”

This belongs to my diary entry dated 10.08.2015. A few days before my marriage registry. Hence I poured all my emotions/mixed feelings /dilemma of a girl who is about to get married,who is as happy to start a new life with her beloved partner and as sad to feel apart from her parents. I think every girl can relate to this at some point of time as she gets a new identity after her wedding whether she wants or not.

 Much love


Painting clay pot ~From my craft’s corner 

Do you have those days when you don’t feel like doing anything at all? 

I have those days too. While sitting at home idle one day,  I was staring at my showcase for no reason. My eyes struck to this old boring round shaped pot, I kept quite sometime ago. Then I rolled around my eyes to the lower section of my showcase which I made my craft’s supply corner. I saw the colours.  My favorite set of acrylic colours. And I couldn’t take the comfort of my recliner anymore. I jumped and bring the clay pot, colours and brushes together on the floor.

And I turned this 👇

To this 👇

Materials required-

  1. A clay pot
  2. Acrylic colours 
  3. Paint brushes
  4. A bottle cap
  5. Decorative lace
  6. Item you want to keep in it to decorate your centre table. 

Though I am a colourful person, I love colours, but everyone has a black and white side in them. This time I wanted to keep that as my theme. Only black and white.

Step 1- Take the pot and using your widest brush, paint it white. 

Step 2 – take the black colour, your favorite brush and apply the strokes or pattern you like. 

Step 3- take your favourite black coloured lace and paste it around the neck of the pot. 

Your Decorative centre piece is almost ready. 

Step 4- take a plastic wide mouth bottle cap of any colour and paint it black. 

It is the base stand for the pot. Stick the painted pot on the open side of the black cap.

Now its time to decorate your centre table piece. I would prefer artificial beautiful white flowers which I certainly didn’t have. 

I filled the pot with colourful thermocol balls and kept some artificial flower buds that I had in one of my flower pots. 

This white rose tiara really goes well with it for decorations and photography.

That’s how my centre piece looks like 🙂 

Off coloured picture as per my theme.

That’s it for today’s post people. 

Hope you like it. Be creative and be limitless. 

Much love


PMS- Pre Mental Setup

Dear My fellow ladies, 

Did you ever feel like crying for no reason at all?
Did you ever feel like everything is going against you?

Did you ever feel like your loving husband/boyfriend doesn’t care for you at all?

Did you ever feel like the only person who could understand you at this moment is your Mom? 

Did you ever feel like missing some imaginary people who doesn’t even exist? 

Did you ever feel like cleaning the dishes will actually clear off your mind? 

Did you ever feel like you have been ignored off your choices all this time? 

Did you ever feel like Ice-cream and coke can actually fill you up while you sob? 

Did you ever feel like happy feet is the best movie ever?

Did you ever feel like you have done nothing in life else than just aging? 

Did you ever feel like wearing too many layers even if its 25°C outside? 

Did you ever feel like to get pampered like no one else on this planet?

Did you ever feel like someone sitting and listening to your meaningless sobbing and complaints patiently all day? 

Did you ever feel like there are countless volcanoes of emotions bursting out at once? 

Did you ever feel like there is no better place on this earth than your couch? 

Did you ever………..and it goes on and on.. 

Oh girl, congratulations! We are on the same page. We are PMSing. PMS commonly abbreviated for ‘Pre Menstrual Syndrome’ which is actually an alarm system from your body to your mind to get-set-ready. Hence I call it Pre Mental Setup by the body to prepare your mind for something even worse to happen. You will work as per your mind,right? Once the ‘big day’ arrives, you won’t be worried or terrified much. You are already prepared and been revising the syllabus of your life already. 

Countless mood swings and  eruption of emotions all at once is what makes a woman stronger. It makes you feel your importance. It makes you feel that you are one very need of this earth. May be you want to get into arms and cry and get a little pampered. But who doesn’t want that anyways? 

We, women,  just don’t get enough time to express what we need in all the busy routines most of us has. Hence this is the time, to set you free. Feel like crying your heart out? Cry. Feeling like not doing anything at all? Just lie down. Earth won’t turn opposite if you rest a day or 2. Just feel what you want to feel. Feel loved, feel cared, feel special.

Remember you came alone, you have to leave alone but the time in between,  you are to love and to be loved. You are strong. You are powerful. You are the strength to your family, to your country. YOU MATTER.

From now onwards remember to remember  your worth while your mind prepare your body for the excretion of unwanted junk. No more complaints of being an woman. This and only this will give you the most price-less moment of your life some day.

 Hence Happy PMSing girls 🙂

Much love


35 days of being homemaker

April 2016 Gulbarga

April, a month that always haunted me after what happened in 2011. But there they says, there is a sunrise after every dark night. Therefore,  not to miss, every April after 2011 came with a new memory in making for me.

April 2012- one of the best years of our life. Preparing for exams together and waiting to be placed.

April 2013- offer letters arrived with a new pain of separation.

April 2014- A tiny repitation  of the past which made both of us stronger.

April 2015-best holiday of our lifetime. Beer,  beaches and us.

And then it came, the most awaited April of my life till date.

April 2016

This was the first after we ringed each other, after we exchanged garlands. This was the first time I didn’t have to lie/hide from anyone to be with my love. This was the first time I could take my own decision and inform my parents. Yes its official now!

And I did it. One not-so-fine Sunday, I booked my one-way ticket to ‘my heaven’ . Yes it was my heaven, where my prince charming lives. Where  there is no tension of office, where there is no frustration of being alone. Where there is no sleeping empty stomach, where there is no wetting pillows all night. Where there is peace of mind and love in  his arms. Where there is no pain of separation, where there is no fear of lie, where there is no fight in between, where there is endless love and laughter. Doesn’t  that looks like a perfect gateway? It indeed is. That’s why I call it ‘my heaven’ 

A heaven, where you don’t need angels to serve you but you create your own angels in yourselves. And my this tiny heaven stays in Gulbarga, a small conservative city in Karnataka. I knew nothing about the place when I Came. But now I know many folds to this beautiful island of mine. An island surrounded with not water but love and respect. Love of my very own husband. I read many pages of his unknown chapters for the first time. And non-the-less to say I discovered his deeper feelings for me which I know he can’t even disclose. 

Being housewife, sounds like household chores. Yes its true. It’s a fact actually. We call them housewives who stay at home, cook, wash, clean and wait for their husbands to come back from work with some or the other good news. This is exactly what I wanted to do. I wanted to live one month of my mother or mother-in-laws’s life. And let me tell you, it’s mesmerizing. 

I was afraid at first. Being a working woman, who hates to cook and wash clothes everyday,how will I do that? But at the same time I was confident on being a Woman. A woman always has hidden powers, remember? Therefore I did it. And I did it all quite successfully. At least I am satisfied. That’s what matters right? 

And again I am afraid, I am afraid of going back to my old routine. My return tickets were booked and there I was, scared even of putting my stuff into a bag. It was a feeling of separating them from their very soul. But… Yes there is a always a but… 

But, remembering this April will always cherish me. This rejuvenating One month I had with my husband was like cherry on the top of a regular cake. I know there are millions of days like this to come, zillions of memories to be build. But the laughter, the smiles, the cuddles, the love, the short trips,  the cooking, the talks we shared are so much burdenless. A relief from the outside world. 

And even after spending our honeymoon in ‘God’s own country-Munnar’, I would say that this is our real honeymoon. I am so thankful to me for being so bold and to my love for giving me the strength to take bold decisions once in a while. 

This was me in April 2016 and it’s 2018 now. And let me update you with my current status. I along with my husband live in a 2bhk in one of the most beautiful states in the country. Everything is as perfect as it looks with our jobs, our passion, our bonding. I am still learning him and he is still teaching me life 😉 On being homemaker or working woman. I proudly say that I am both. In fact we both are both. We both work we both do house chores. We both strengthen each other. That’s what’s spouses are for. Right? Then we must be doing it right 😁

Let’s conclude 2017 ~ 17things of 2017

******Long post Alert ******

Let’s have a kickass start to the new year. But before, let’s conclude 2017 in a nice way. 2017. Like every year, it had something new, something interesting, some things funny and some things horrible. But wait, it’s just the first day of the new beginning, atleast calender, why talk about the bad or horrible things that already took their turn to make us sad and cry. Let’s forget those teary moments and re-live the happy moments that a whole of year served us.

Quite from the last few days, my mind has been filled with the things that i/we did this year. All the adventures, all the mini successes, all the short trips, all the cakes we had. 😂 Okay. That doesn’t count but what count anyways?

Count is what we want to count. How much we laughed. How many memories we made. What different cuisines we had. 🙊 yeah I accept I lovvvvve to eat.. And my happiest moment is knowing that I won’t go fat no matter how much I eat( touchwood everything 😁).

Let’s get back to the post and let’s conclude this fantastic one year with the 17 awesome things that happened to me this year that changed my life at least for a little bit.

  1. Celebrated our 1st marriage anniversary: 1st of everything is just so exciting for us. May be our genes are programmed that way. 1st birthday, 1st anniversary to anything. But for us, it was just a 1st marriage anniversary. What excite us more is our love anniversary that counts way more than 1 😀
  2. Got my first tattoo : What else I could get other than what I always wanna be- a flying bird.
  3. My first DSLR :  On my 27th birthday this March, my not so lovey-dovey husband decided to gift me DSLR which I was longing for a long time without even telling him once. I just loved clicking landscapes with my phone and he got the point. It’s time to upgrade me 📷
  4. Photography : As I said I already had so much interest in clicking pictures with my phone, but dunno what charged me up with the cam in hand. It gives so much happiness. No I don’t call myself a photographer just because I own a DSLR. I actually love doing it whenever and wherever I get opportunity. I was quite doing okay with my kit lens till my hubby showed his love in a bigger way👇
  5. Tamron zoom lens : I got wings with loads of feathers and there was no stoppage. We moved to Goa in 2016 and since then I have been obsessed with birds. I see these beautiful flying creatures everywhere specially behind our home. It was really hard to capture any of them with kit lens of mobile cam. But not any more. I know it’s just can lend upto max 300mm but for a beginner like me, I don’t deserve more 🙈 who can’t give a fixed proper time to the thing she has on top list of her priorities. Please check out my birding encounters here if you haven’t already. And here 
  6. Brother got engaged : My elder brother finally got engaged this year and completed my mom’s family. This couldn’t be any less than the happiest moment for my family. I love the new member of my family 😘
  7. Became my hubby’s official video editor and maker : He is passionate about his guitar and music. Although he can’t devote his full time to his first love but he does what he can and needs to be done. He started a YouTube channel on his guitar covers and originals -> https://www.youtube.com/user/crap1ifyAnd there I was, behind the camera, holding the tripod. We have uncounted memories made during the recording sessions. Indoor and outdoor. I love the sessions and post editing the videos. I have learned a lot so far.
  8. Started my blog : Frankly speaking I wanted to do something more with my life by exploring and expressing. I am an extreme extrovert and love to express myself. Again my hubby suggested me to start with WordPress and I can’t thank him enough. Riyasownspace.wordpress.com
  9. Poetess in making : I always had this keen interest in giving my feelings shape and size. And nothing can’t be better than poetry. My vocabulary is not strong yet but I write what I feel like. Check some of them here.
  10. Started Exploring Goa and surroundings which is to be continued :Hopping on to our scooty with camera on neck, we explored many places in and around Goa. Cabo de Rama fort, agonda beach, etc. in south goa. Chorla ghat in Goa- karnataka border. Amboli hills in maharashtra border and many nearby hidden spots like chorao Island etc. We love being here and exploring.
  11. 1st family trip : Earlier in 2016 diwali, my in law family came to visit us and we spent time in Goa. Hence this year we went to our home town to spend Diwali (click here for my post on Diwali) and made a trip to Haridwar-Hrishikesh-Mussorie. Trust me, family is where we belong.
  12. 1st time river – rafting : While in Hrishikesh, I along with my husband and sis-in-law went for a 18km long river rafting in the river Ganga to make some ever cherisable memories. It was so much fun. Let it be for some other time else my long post will be too long to even read.
  13. Started doing yoga : Just a beginner.
  14. Treated ourselves with our first ever pet. Our fish bowl. : They are 4 of them. Named them uggu, puggu, chuggu, tuggu.
  15. Getting along with crafts and creativity. : Always been a creative person, I never pushed myself this far. From creating personalized gifts to all kinds of of craft activities. I am interested where there is art and creativity. Please check my page  if you are interested too – > From my craft’s corner
  16. Ankit’s YouTube channel got monetized and we celebrated completion of its one year journey. 👇https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xWtZI0S6pas
  17. Celebrated Christmas like never before. :No its not about the party,dance,dress or alcohol. Its about my first ever Christmas tree.My very own. 😀 Made some decors myself and decorated the whole tree by myself. I never had a tree before so you might guess my excitement. All credit goes to my bunny bear.

Check out how to make these cute snowmen here -> https://riyasownspace.wordpress.com/2017/12/23/mini-snowman-diy-christmas-decor-from-my-crafts-corner/

Final good bye 👋 to this wonderful year.

Unlike others, who come to goa for partying in the new year’s eve, we are more of private person. How we spend the last weekend of the year? Got some cake, yeah a lot of them 😋. Roam around the roads to see the Christmas decorations in and around the city. Dine out with one of our friends. Went to bird sanctuary early in the morning. Watched a 3D comedy movie. Played some badminton. And screamed 3..2..1..Happy new year to my hubby 😂

Cheers to all the cheerful memories of 2017 and with warm hug and hope. Let’s welcome a brand new year of fun, success, love and creativity.

Until Next time

Much love