Chorla Ghat ~Goa Karnataka border

First of all accept my apologies for such a late post. I was really busy these days traveling quite a few places and clicking my heart out.

In the month of September, we (husband & I) went to Chorla ghat which is mostly the mesmerizing road from north Goa towards Belgaun, karnataka. The ghat lies on the meeting point of the two adjacent states. We started our journey from Mapusa, Goa and reached Chorla via Bicholim in around 1 and half hour on our Activa.

The early morning ride took us through the serene roads with breathtaking views by our side. Once we crossed Bicholim, the Google maps took us to the road that leads to Chorla directly as we preferred the shortest one. Once the cleanest air touched our face, we were sure we are about to enter the spellbound Chorla.

We crossed the famous Mhadei wildlife sanctuary to reach our destination. As it wasn’t season, there was no entry fee and not much animals also we guessed as we couldn’t find any. I managed to get a few macro shots there.

I love butterflies and always try to capture atleast one every where.

This bee was really supportive and gave me time to capture his moods. Bee happy šŸ™‚

My first Grasshopper click.

As we were moving forward on the road along the jungle in hope of spotting few animals like dear and some other wild animals,we were left hopeless. Though the route disappointed us, not for once.

“Most beautiful curves the earth provides are man-made – the hilly roads” ~ Riya

It was still monsoon at the last week of September and we were lucky to cross many small but beautiful waterfalls through the valleys.

Don’t forget the monkeys on the way.. Enjoy their actions but keep distance to be safe.

We passed many such curves and falls to reach our first view point when we literally skipped a heart beat.

This was the view all along the chorla ghat. Cautiously riding our activa,we reached the top most point of chorla ghat after which the karnataka enters and more chances of spotting animals begins.

As this was our fist time on this lonely route, we didn’t find courage to step out of our vehicle and enter the bushes to capture some wildlife. Next time, we definitely will.

That’s me posing to my husband šŸ™‚

We spent some time on the most serene point before we started our journey back home.

The combination of mountains and clouds are always mesmerizing.

On our way back, I spotted a white throated kingfisher which is quite common in western ghats.

A trip without birding is a trip incomplete.

I hope you enjoy this beautiful half day trip as much as we enjoyed. šŸ™‚

Much love


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