Cereal box turned Desktop organizer – from my craft’s corner

An easy DIY to do at zero cost which will keep your table top neat and organized.

Isn’t it nice and compact?

I am using it to store my craft supplies like quilling tools, paper strips, glue bottles/sticks /scissor, pen, pencil, ruler etc.

All you need to make this beautiful organizer are-

  • Empty cereal/corn flakes boxes (3)
  • Gift wrapping paper
  • Black tape
  • Scissor /paper cutter
  • Glue

First of all take 3 equal size cereal box and align them together. Like this

Cut top cover part of all the boxes

Then glue the three boxes vertically and tape them horizontally make it more durable.

Measure a certain length from the bottom of front side and mark using a pen. Do the same thing on other side of the box (only front part) and join the two points making a straight line parallel to the bottom (horizontal line)

This will make the front.

Now tilt the organizer and take the marked point and join it with the upper point through a slanting straight line like this.

Now cut along this slant using paper cutter or scissor. Do this for the whole box. You will get this

I have taped the joined edges to be more stable to handle for the time being.. Your DIY desktop organizer model is ready.

Now wrap the whole box using gift wrapping paper and glue.

I have taped all the edges with black durable tape. It gives a nice and clean look too to the organizer.

Lastly take two equal cardboard sheets (using the ones we cutted out at the starting from the boxes) and wrap them using the same wrapping paper. And tape them on one edge. [measurement for these will be the width of the first cereal box.

Paste them like this to make 3 compartments.

Your brand new durable desktop organizer from waste material is ready. Fill it up with all the materials that were messing up your study /work/craft table.

Last compartment is big enough to hold small books also.

I hope you like my work. Tell me in the comments how you feel about this. :=)

Happy crafting

Much love,


Yarned bottles ~ from my craft’s corner

To make a home decor at home is a zero cost deal. And trust me they look pretty as well.

For this DIY all you need is~

  • empty glass bottles. Like beer or wine bottle, milk shake bottles, ketchup or vinegar bottle etc.
  • Colorful yarn that lay around at home
  • Glue and scissors
  • Decorative items like stones, pearls buttons or anything of your choice.

I have made three such home decor using glass bottles which look really pretty in my showcase.

Used blue yarn over a beer bottle. And decorated with thermocol balls and buttons. Also used the decor as flower vase (handmade paper flowers)

Love to photograph my creations 🙂

Two different colored yarn wrapped over a beer bottle. Decorated with quilled paper flower and Coils

One for me, one for my MIL 🙂

  • Latest addition to the collection is this small milk shake bottle with double colored yarn and buttons. Simple and cute.

    My purple family 💜

    Hope you guys liked this idea of home decor as I find it really pretty and affordable as gift item. People like it more when you spend some time and creativity on their gift.

    Much love


      Quilled flowers ~ from my craft’s corner

      Quilling is a form of art made with paper strips, usually rolling them and giving different shapes. I love quilling and I am sharing one such art today.

      The flowers has been made by just using the quilling tool and the butterfly is made using quilling comb.

      There are a huge variety of designs you can choose. It just needs your creativity and a bit patience.

      Hope you all Like it.

      Much love


      “He”_ The one (Poetry)

      Amidst all the rush in our lives,

      Amidst all the happiness and traumas,

      All the losses and gains,

      All the laughter and cries,

      All the truths and lies,

      All the causes and reasons,

      All the feelings and emotions,

      He comes and stays and makes them his own.

      Your heart skips a beat and you know.

      He is the keeper. He is the ONE

      I wrote this for one of my closest friends who is getting engaged this November. I am happy she is happy 🙂

      Much love


      I am not suppose to be – poetry

      I am me

      I am myself

      Do you have a problem with that?

      Yes I m terrible,I do horrible things, but who doesn’t anyways.

      I eat, I don’t

      I bath,I dont

      I talk,I do a lot

      I study,I don’t

      I sleep, I don’t

      I dream,I do a lot

      That’s what I have known being me,myself.

      I think I am cute

      I think people likes me

      I think I am solved

      I think I know where am I going

      I think I love to work

      I think people at work loves me

      I think I have friends

      I think friends think I am their friend

      I think I am in love I think he loves me too

      I think I miss my parents

      I think my brother misses me too

      I think I want to party

      I think I can stay alone

      I think I can take care of myself

      I think I can shop alone

      I think I like to cook

      I think he loves to eat that

      I think I am strong because I can’t b weak enough

      I think I am funny because people laugh at me

      I think I am stupid Because I dont think much before saying

      I think I am smart because I know what am I doing

      I think I love my job Because I can’t wait to be there

      I think I hate my home Because loneliness kills me here

      No..no it’s not the fact,

      It’s what I think

      But the fact is,

      I know what I want

      I know what I need

      I know what I am supposed to be

      At least I am not supposed to be alone At least that is not what I was meant for.

      I wrote this when I stayed alone in kolkata in my initial years of service. I am happy Its not the case anymore

      Much love


      A dream to come true- Poetry

      I woke up in the middle of the night,

      To see you laying beside, all innocent.

      I kissed your nose and reached your eyes,

      U stared and said, What is it about hon? Is there something you want?

      I said yes, I have a dream to come true

      ” A dream, In which I am unknown to the people, but you

      In which no one knows me like you do.

      I wanna be your life darling,

      I wanna be your wife,

      I wanna be the mother of your child.

      Yes I have a dream to come true

      A dream that completes with you. “

      And you convinced as promising as ever,

      My love, You will get everything you want

      You will get the life of your chance.

      And I kissed you again and slept in your arms.

      That is what I remember as I woke up to see that you were gone.

      I smiled As if you were ever here to be gone.

      Yes I have a dream to come true.

      A dream that is incomplete without you.


      Crackerless celebrations

      We live in a country where festivals means new clothes, varieties of sweets, hugs, hangouts, pandal hopping and all the numerous kind of crackers that you may think of.

      Durga puja in East, Diwali in North and Ganesh Chuturthi in West are the major festivals I have taken part in.

      After wasting lots and lots of Dad’s money in crackers for all those childhood years in diwali, I realized this while observing others doing the same in Goa for the last two Ganesh Chaturthis. I must say, I have never seen these kind of enthusiasm or charisma in people’s face anywhere in the country. People from West definitely know how to enjoy and have full of, what we call life.

      I agree we have got one life and we got to live it to the fullest but Do we realise that while we celebrating a mere festival, we are causing painful injury to the not-so-ever-lasting environment we live in.

      That atmosphere which took us in its arm when we first started walking. That fresh air that let us rode our first bicycle into the wind. That friendly dog who befriended us on our first day at college. That powerful sunshine that kept us motivated for our first sales call or day at work. Those green trees providing a mother-like-shade for us when we were tired and impatient. That starry night when we looked up to the moon awake whole night holding your beloved’s hand.

      Do we realize that our few seconds of happiness can cause a devastating destruction? Do we realize that our hard earned money is actually not gaining us any wealth but harming our health eventually.. Exploding a powerful yet mesmerizing cracker is no less than a cigerrate that is killing our surroundings patiently. Smoking kills, so does these fireworks. It won’t harm one’s health directly or spontaneously but it will surely do cause incurable diseases to our society.

      Being a nature lover and avid wanderer, I clicked just two pictures with my beloved camera from my balcony to portray the fact I want to state to the society this year.

      Through these pictures I want to portray the fire, the rage, the power, the anger, the passion it contains to demolish the astonishingly beautiful Mother nature.

      Terrorists plants a bomb in order to kill the human race and we humans explode these so-called-happiness distributing crackers in order to kill the giving nature, but only patiently.

      We are so much ready to pour all ourselves for the moment’s enjoyment that we forget about our upcoming generations. We should think of gifting our kids the most meaningful gift – fresh air to breath.

      Air pollution is increasing drastically day by day. And it’s my esteemed request to each and everyone to stop using crackers and contribute towards a beautiful fresh environment. Let’s wish for a crackerless society where money need not buy happiness in boxes full of explosion.

      Signing off by wishing you all a safe and happy ganesh chaturthi.