Hello everyone, I am a bird girl and a big fan of birds. Though not yet a birder but always keen to capture and know about each and every bird I come across. Today’s chapter is on Great Egrets that I found in Goa.

An egret is any of several herons, most of which are white and several of which develop milky white fine plumes during the breeding. The breeding season of these egrets varies with local conditions. One brood is raised in a year. The nest is a wide platform with a shallow for eggs and hatchlings. Both the egret parents incubate the eggs and feed the hatchlings.

Their super milkeish body is a refreshment to the eyes. They have black or red legs with long necks (one and half times as long as their own body).

They hunt and live in both saltwater and freshwater marshes . Hence can be found near any of their favorite water bodies.

The Egrets feed on fish, frogs, small reptiles, small birds, rodents, insects and muluscs (basically whatever available near water bodies)

I found some of these while visiting Aldona village in North Goa. I loved how charmful they are. The way they takes off just took my breath for a while.

I didn’t waste a second, and quickly captured some of these beauties act in my Tamron 300 mm lense.

Have a look at these beauties and do leave a comment if you like them.

A beautiful great egret showing off her beauty.

Just flew off as we land. They are mostly seen in small groups for feeding.

And this one’s my favorite. Always pleasure to see them in pair.

Egrets are largely found in Indian subcontinent and other parts of Asia and Australia.

Do cherish their beauty for a minute if you happen to see them.

Thank you